Orthodox Synagogues

Houston is home to seven Orthodox shuls, in three distinct neighborhoods. All three neighborhoods are located within a 6 mile radius, and each has its own eruv.  

Chabad Lubavitch Center

The Chabad Lubavitch Center is a thriving Chabad shul and Torah center in the heart of Brays Oaks. In addition to the numerous minyanim and shiurim offered at the Chabad Lubavitch Center, the Center also hosts the keilim mikvah, men’s mikvah and women’s mikvah for the entire community. The Chabad Lubavitch Center also hosts Torah Day School, the chabad day school for children 18 months through eight grade.

Congregation Beth Rambam

Congregation Beth Rambam is a vibrant and diverse Orthodox Sephardic synagogue located in Southwest Houston, in the Brays Oaks (Fondren Southwest) Neighborhood. Led by the young and dynamic Rabbi Daniel Masri, Beth Rambam is a warm and welcoming Sephardic congregation where everyone is welcome to come pray, study and socialize. Members come from a variety of backgrounds as well as levels of observance; on any given day you will hear conversations in more than six languages!

The shul offers morning and evening services on weekdays and Shabbat.  There are many fascinating classes and learning opportunities, both during the day and evenings, offered throughout the week in English, Spanish and Hebrew, as well as many social events for both young professionals and adults.

Youth programming includes multiple activities for children of various ages each Shabbat morning and afternoon and trips throughout the year.

Congregation Torah Vachesed

Meyerland Minyan

Meyerland Minyan

Meyerland Minyan is a dynamic, Orthodox outreach congregation in the heart of Jewish Houston. Our synagogue offers an atmosphere of warmth and community that is open to Jews of all levels of learning and observance, making everyone feel right at home.

Meyerland Minyan is located in the heart of the Houston Jewish Community in the midst of the beautiful Meyerland neighborhood. The Minyan has an Eruv, which gives physical and spiritual expression to the concept of building a communal home.

Meyerland Minyan’s mission includes promoting Torah values, a sense of community and genuine Ahavat Yisrael, and support for the State of Israel among its members and throughout the city.

Meyerland Minyan offers a wide assortment of dynamic educational opportunities and programs for people of all ages and all backgrounds. We invite you to come and experience for yourself what makes Meyerland Minyan so very unique.

Young Israel of Houston

The Young Israel of Houston is an Orthodox synagogue located in the heart of Southwest Houston, Texas, in the Brays Oaks (Fondren Southwest) neighborhood. They have been a community institution providing minyamin, shiurim and exciting programming for over 25 years. The kehilla is made up of a diverse population of young, vibrant families as well as many founders of the Jewish community. Rabbi Yehoshua Wender has been the Mora D’Asrah since the inception in 1983. The Rav received his Smicha from Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim and has been a leader for the shul and the community for more than 20 years.

The Young Israel and Houston community is truly unique in its diversity of members, with membership spanning the spectrum of Orthodox Jewry, while at the same time maintaining a strong sense of community. YI prides itself on this warmth, its commitment to Torah values and its continuous growth.

United Orthodox Synagogues

UOS is a Modern Orthodox congregation located in a beautiful and affordable residential area close to the Texas Medical Center, Rice University and the cultural and central business district of Houston. Currently, the membership is approximately 350 families and spans all generations. UOS is a center for worship, learning, and community service in Houston.

UOS believes in the philosophy of Torah u’Mada, commitment to Torah, halakhah, and the quest for kedushah, holiness and spiritual growth. Like other Modern Orthodox institutions, UOS values open intellectual inquiry and expression in both the secular and religious arenas; engagement with the social, political and technological realities of the modern world; recognition and deep appreciation of the religious significance of the State of Israel; and the unity of the Jewish community at large. UOS is affiliated with the Orthodox Union and Yeshiva University and other major Orthodox institutions in the United States.

At UOS, one can recognize that becoming religiously observant is a path where no one should be made to feel uncomfortable, regardless of their level of observance and Jewish knowledge. As UOS continues to grow, it remains committed to creating a warm and welcoming environment to all Jews who share a desire to develop their knowledge of Judaism and commitment to their faith.